Getaways that enable self development and learning in an environment that inspires
and is free from distractions

We know how difficult it can be to fully submerge yourself in learning new skills and developing your mindset when work deadlines are looming and your to-do list is growing by the second.

Sometimes, to really get the most from the training you have invested in, you need to step away and allow yourself a bit of time to breathe, rebalance and refocus.

This is why we offer four different options to learn and develop in a retreat setting, either at our idyllic farmhouse in Spain or at an alternative location in the UK.

As standard, all of our retreats include extended training in the areas specified from one or both of our Directors, accommodation and meals; and our Body & Mind retreat also includes meditation teaching, individual/group personal training and nutrition and general health advice from a leading expert in these areas.

We also offer completely bespoke retreats where we work with you to design the perfect getaway for your people and outcomes you need to achieve. This may sound like a luxury, but if more businesses were aware of the benefits  of learning in this way, including increased collaboration, productivity and engagement, more would make it a necessity.

If you are interested in our retreats, then please give us an indication of the type of retreat you are looking for by completing the form below and we will get right back to you:

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